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EMEA and China project expansion after just 3 months of collaboration


Conversion from meetings organized → confirmed sales opportunities

Penetrating priority markets while successfully re-branding

With the help of S2M, a subsidiary in the Inspection Technology sector under the conglomerate General Electrics, managed to not only multiply its reach but establish its new name once again as the market leader.

Facing tough competition in the target markets (diverse European markets and China), the client came to the decision to establish a new brand name that would define the product category under this brand as a more cohesive unity and separate the subsidiary more clearly from its mother company and umbrella brand. A big opportunity for market positioning coming hand in hand with the challenge to establish the brand under a new name in key targets.

A challenging mission for this client who decided to look for outsourced agency support for the first time in company history!

Supporting marketing and acting as extension of the internal sales force

Lead gen + ABM on named accounts 

By allocating dedicated teams per region, S2M integrated into existing processes and team to act as part of the organization. Through a close collaboration, S2M was able to deeply penetrate multiple markets, quickly generate sales pipeline, maximize results.

As additional benefits of this collaboration, the different sales teams in targeted markets got closer connected by having a common source of up-to date market knowledge and insight delivery.


The product and service offer of this market leader in Inspection Technologies, addresses a diverse range of manufacturers looking to enhance their inspection quality. Overall a very niche market, but thanks to S2M’s experience supporting hundreds of B2B firms with complex propositions, but also proven methodology, a deep understanding of the client’s complex product line and corresponding requirements was achieved in short time.

The goal was to define a long-lasting market approach that considers all stakeholders involved and leads to an incredible ROI. After just two weeks of establishing the product-market fit through in-depth research and exchanges with key decision makers across the client’s departments, S2M was ready to reach out to pre-defined targets.

By accelerating the outreach in multiple markets, S2M helped this client to open many doors leading to a maximum number of opportunities. By using an elaborated approach incorporating the new branding strategy, Key Decision Makers not only gained awareness of the new name but also received valuable knowledge of the product benefits and USP of the client.

Adding to the factor of targeting multiple diverse European and Asian markets simultaneously, the collaboration and exchange with multiple Sales teams was quickly defined as a key factor leading to the success of this project.

Paving the way to achieve a global vision

With the help of S2M, this client successfully multiplied its opportunity generation throughout Europe and China while launching a new brand name and unifying sales teams as well as all processes involved.

During the first 6 month alone, S2M delivered a total of 56 qualified meetings were set up leading to 32+ concrete sales opportunities. Even though the new brand name provided limitations to leverage on an established product as well as being faced with the situation of COVID in the first half of 2020, adjusting the approach based on Market Insights kept results extremely high and allowed for a continuous awareness generation.

The collaboration led in fact to such a high ROI for the client that after an initial trial phase, additional countries were added and the project scope was further extended. Based on the collaboration’s success in European markets, the client decided to take advantage of S2M’s geographic reach and extend services to additional Asian markets. By leveraging on internal resources and collaboration possibilities, S2M replicated the strategy and results generated in EMEA.

Through a tailored approach, a customer centric methodology and by using worldwide successful strategies, S2M is paving the way to becoming the client’s long-term partner.

2 regions

EMEA and China project extension after 3-month test project


Qualified and confirmed sales opportunities


Conversion from meetings organized → confirmed sales opportunities

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