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Performance against qualified sales opportunities goals

$9 million

Sales pipeline generated in the first 12 weeks

Drive more revenue

A world-leading banking software vendor launched a lead generation and ABM program to accelerate its business development for New Logos in strategic markets.

To drive more revenue by increasing the overall number of sales opportunities and quality of leads generated, broaden market coverage, and deepen the reach for strategic accounts, our client was looking for a strategic partner who understood the cultural nuances and commercial requirements of complex FinTech solutions, while offering the flexibility to cover any country, adapt to different go-to-market strategies, integrate easily into their existing processes.

Sustainable and scalable solution generating sales opportunities with real impact on sales pipeline

Lead Gen + ABM on strategic accounts

To boost sales pipeline and penetrate key accounts for our client, we offered a solution to deliver predictive, consistent and scalable results to sales and marketing teams.

Through a combination of go-to-market strategy, discovery and defining high-value accounts with sales teams, content design, lead generation execution in local languages, organization of sales-ready appointments and ABM on selected key accounts in APAC and EMEA regions.

Real revenue results

  • The implementation of S2M’s integrated growth acceleration services led to an increased number of qualified sales opportunities and improved conversion rate at every touch-point of the sales cycle.
  • In-depth ABM activities of selected accounts, 70% of those have resulted in a face-to-face meeting with key decision makers. The remaining ones have been analyzed and valuable conversations have been set up to build a basis  for long-term nurturing and opportunity generation based on market intelligence delivered (current solution in place, contract date, etc.).
  • Outstanding results included the full organization of 25 highly qualified “sales-ready” appointments in just 12 weeks of campaign activities, with 60% of them have directly led to confirmed sales opportunities, generating more than 9 million USD sales pipeline.

As the program expanded, S2M grew the team to 10 native speakers, regional program management, ensuring complete and global coverage.


Sales qualified meetings to date

$43 million

Sales pipeline generated


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