Lead Generation

We generate opportunities, you generate revenue

Grow your sales pipeline in a modern, integrated, measurable way.

Our clients operate in truly competitive industries

Whether you are an established leader or growing brand in a new territory, building a strong, repeatable pipeline is essential. But while the number of teams involved in this process grows, so does its complexity.

To succeed in today’s market, given the ever-changing nature of your customer’s needs, effective marketing strategies have changed. It’s not enough to just push out content and hope for the best. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach.

Unlock meaningful audience engagement, at scale.

We help our clients increase sales revenue with best-in-class services covering both new customers and existing clients (up/cross-selling opportunities).

Effective lead generation and pipeline-ready opportunities

Whether you need to boost your pipeline with sales-ready opportunities, feed internal team with qualified leads, drive event registrations, or set qualified appointments on strategic accounts for your sales team, we engage your prospects with compelling messaging across multiple channels.

Increase qualified leads
B2B marketers must focus on real results that are quantifiable and measurable. Our demand generation strategies help you to do so by creating opportunities that are relevant, engaged, and with clear interest. Real opportunities that generate business.
Boost sales productivity
Combining the right mix of tech expertise and proven sales process, our demand generation services makes better use of sales people’s time to follow up real business opportunities that move beyond BANT, rather than qualifying leads that won’t progress.
Accelerate your growth
We support your growth consistently and at scale. Increasing the number of qualified leads, improving conversion rates, and accelerating your time to market. A great demand generation strategy not only grow your pipeline, but your revenue at scale.

S2M as part of your growth strategy

We offer the support you need by generating qualified leads and delivering the highest quality sales opportunities to your teams.

Agility is key
Our flexible approach allows us to integrate into any existing marketing framework to support custom programs for quick-to-market or long-term initiatives. We adapt to your processes while focusing on your goals to drive maximized results.
Increase ROI
Our predictive and performance-based programs will transform your marketing efforts from a campaign-driven cost center into a validated, revenue-driving partner to sales. It directly contributes to long-term business growth and ensure consistent results for global scalability and growth.
Program testing
Always aiming for high benchmarks and quality results, we provide our clients with the highest ROI. To prove this, we offer risk-free pilot programs with preferential pricing and conditions to facilitate decision-making process. We will demonstrate concrete results while allowing to easily compare with other marketing initiatives.
Predictable results
We can set revenue as your foundational goal and use our conversion rates to determine KPIs at every stage of the funnel (necessary number of - targets, qualified leads, appointments organized, confirmed sales opportunities...) to meet your objectives such as % contribution to sales pipeline, or new logo signatures for instance.
Easy launch
Time is of the essence and we know that. Fully onboarding, setting-up and launching personalized campaigns around the solutions and markets of your choice will take as little as two weeks. Without any compromises on results.
Compliant B2B data
A segmented, tailor-made, and purpose-built database is a must! Our services are designed to meet the strictest privacy laws (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL, CCPA, PDPA, etc.), allowing us to execute fully compliant campaigns to seamlessly engage and convert your audience.
Case studies

Building a global – scalable Lead Generation engine

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New client acquisition in
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Expand sales impact and
create revenue growth
in key accounts

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