Account-Based Marketing

The Magic of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM doesn’t have to be complicated but developing the right approach is critical.

ABM is the key to
more revenue

B2B marketers often try to run very wide marketing campaigns in hopes of appealing to as many companies as possible. Account-Based Marketing – sometimes referred to as key account marketing – is an alternative B2B strategy that concentrates resources on a defined set of target accounts, within a market, and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account and deliver significant results.

Fully Integrated. True ABM.

We are ABM and Tech specialists, developing programs as part of an overall and comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with sales, driving fully personalized campaigns, delivering significant benefits in pipeline, revenue alignment and more for our customers.

Smart use of marketing budget

Fewer and better-quality leads to focus on, optimized resource allocation, more personalized and distinguished customer experiences, you name it. All resulting in higher overall win rates. Embarking on ABM means defining a clear targeting strategy that allows you to spend your budget on areas that guarantee return on investment and effort.

Clear ROI
Effective ABM drives clear business results. It is precise and measurable, providing the highest ROI of all B2B marketing tactics. According to ITSMA, 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe ABM as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach.
Personal and optimized
ABM tactics entail personalizing messaging and communications to specific accounts so that campaigns resonate with these target audiences. Targets are more likely to be interested when value propositions are geared specifically to them, relevant to their business and stage in the buyer journey.
Shorter Sales Cycles
ABM is about getting to the right audience without wasting time and effort on prospective customers with no decision-making power or influence. With true ABM insight, you can detect such audience but with the right information at hand, strong sales opportunities could already be entering the pipeline after the first meeting.
Better conversion to deals
SiriusDecisions data shows that 91% of firms report that with an ABM approach they are more likely to convert that deal from pipeline to closed than with a non-ABM approach.
Improved alignment
Disconnect between the sales and marketing teams plagues many B2B organizations, as their areas of focus naturally differ. ABM bring those two sides together to ensure that marketing is more tightly aligned to overall revenue goals and objectives.
Tracking goals is clear
When analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns, it’s easier to draw clear conclusions when you look at a smaller set of target accounts instead of a vast set of metrics.

S2M as part of your ABM strategy

Our expertise and effective Account-Based Marketing methodology has been established through experience leading hundreds of programs with Tech companies and other leading B2B brands from diverse industries.

ABM expertise
Kick-start your ABM program with speed, ease, and confidence. We start by focusing on a group of key accounts and quickly bring a coordinated approach to your sales and marketing efforts. Then we apply a model testing, executing, and optimizing ABM so that we achieve success before scaling to build larger marketing programs that fuel business growth.
Easy onboarding
Leveraging our extensive experience in ABM, we only require spending 0.5 days with stakeholders to kick-off a new program. Then, our team will build strategies and campaigns with the flexibility to meet the needs of all forms and maturity of ABM. As the program grows, we broaden efforts across accounts, further integrate sales team, and scale.
Program testing
Always aiming for high benchmarks and quality results, we provide our clients with the highest ROI. To prove this, we offer risk-free pilot programs with preferential pricing and conditions to facilitate decision-making process. We will demonstrate concrete results while allowing to easily compare with other marketing initiatives.
All ABM essentials
Data-driven and expert-led insight is at the heart of our ABM approach. Covering all types (1:1, 1:Few, 1:Many) and aspects, from discovery and defining high-value accounts, mapping buying centers and identifying key decision makers, personalizing messaging, executing targeted campaigns, generating real sales opportunities, to measuring and optimizing results over time.
Global reach
Many companies are either engaged currently or looking to expand ABM programs at the regional and global level. We have regional HQs and offices covering EMEA, APAC and America regions. Our clients span the globe, so do our programs and campaigns.
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