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We connect sales
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We work at speed to generate revenue and deliver against your business goals.

B2B Marketing is more challenging than ever

Industries are crowded, competitor products are similar, the volume of information is overwhelming, sales are complex and buying process fragmented, slowing down time to revenue for B2B organizations. This has created gaps in the customer journey, but it also brings new opportunities for sales and marketing teams to successfully rewrite the rules of intelligent growth.

We are on a mission

Operating as a modern agency, we combine expertise, methodology, technology, data and audience focused content. This transforms go-to-market strategies, unifies marketing and sales journeys, accelerates revenue and achieves real results for our clients.

We work with Software – IT – Tech companies and other leading B2B brands that need smart marketing solutions to complex sales and marketing challenges. We passionately believe in making our customers more successful through delivering comprehensive solutions that drive impactful programs at scale. Sounds like sustainable growth to you? It sure does to our clients.

Global reach

We have regional HQs and offices covering EMEA, APAC and America regions. Our clients span the globe. And, so do our programs and campaigns. No matter the timezone, language or task at hand – we deliver real results and get you one step closer in achieving your global vision.


We act with growth in mind. From small ABM campaigns to large-scale strategies, only a few achieve success when they attempt to scale. With 10+ years designing – executing B2B marketing programs, we’ve developed a methodology allowing us to predict results in pipeline, grow programs at scale, deliver the ROI as they should.

Sustainable growth

We believe in strong partnerships and that our customers deserve the very best of our efforts. We strive to embody these principles with transparency in everything we do. Because ultimately, this brings success to all of us. Let’s start growing better together.


We offer bespoke lead generation and ABM campaigns tailored to your company. Our expert teams dedicated to each step of the sales cycle are ready to fill any gaps and accelerate your sales efforts. Each team comes fully managed and with a best practice mindset to drive pipeline and revenue growth.

Success Together

We are not just a global agency. Combining sales, marketing and tech expertise, we work alongside your teams to deliver more pipeline and revenue.

Trusted by our clients, we deliver globally

Our clients span the globe, so do our programs and campaigns. Let’s talk about what S2M-group can do for your business.  


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