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$58 million

Sales pipeline generated


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Integrated growth marketing programs across regions

One of the leaders of global network services was seeking an agency able to concretely support its growth marketing programs globally with a focus on delivering leads to support pipeline and revenue through personalized lead generation, inbound leads management and ABM tactics.

Global partnership to boost sales opportunities and strengthen the positioning
of strategic solutions

Lead Gen + Inbound Management + ABM on strategic accounts

Following successful lead generation and ABM programs in APAC and EMEA, S2M has been selected to become an instrumental part of this client strategic sales and marketing initiatives at the global level.


Our solutions and programs

Based on our understanding of their needs, our experience working together, as well as our predictive model and capacity to adapt to changing priorities while delivering consistent results, we designed a custom growth marketing program covering lead generation, inbound lead management and ABM on key accounts. Our flexible approach allowed us to fully integrated into their existing processes and funnel, while adapting to regional and more local priorities.

To launch this program we spent 0.5 days with the client’ sales and marketing team to kick-off the project. S2M designed and executed a fully scalable outbound lead generation and inbound management program in just 2 weeks.

We have also set revenue as foundational goal and use our proven conversion rate to determine KPIs at every stage of the funnel and make sure we design the program to reach their goals.

This global program, covering 25+ markets, most of them in local languages to optimize results, has been designed – fully operational – and generating first concrete results only after 4 weeks!

Best results through a seamless integration

Working closely with the internal sales and marketing teams, S2M quickly acted as their external business development team, bridging the gap between the internal teams. For the sales teams, S2M fueled highly qualified ‘sales-ready’ leads allowing the client to fully dedicate their time on maximizing their performance during the meeting. For the respective marketing teams, S2M largely contributed to KPI achievement and boosting contributions in the sales pipeline.

Through S2M activities, 58 Million USD Sales Pipeline has already been generated, thus presenting an outstanding Return on Marketing Investment.

In-depth market research and personalized messaging led to an even higher number of qualified meetings organized than originally anticipated. In fact, the number was exceeded by 162%. Similar results were achieved looking at the % of those meetings converted into concrete Sales opportunities. The number of opportunities converted was outperformed by 181% – leading to an outstanding result generation.


Sales qualified meetings organized


Conversion rate (meetings → confirmed sales opportunities entering CRM)


More results than initial objectives

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