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S2M supported a market leader in regulatory insurance software to increase their footprint in key Asian markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong) – to expand their reach with Insurance Pricing, Modeling and IFRS 17 solutions; an international financial reporting standard.

With small presence in the Asian region, the client’s ideal agency had to have experience and expertise to assist in market entry and testing, building brand awareness for local recognition, and detecting upcoming opportunities and selection processes (RFI/RFPs) to generate quick wins.

Success through a complete mix of services

Lead Gen + ABM + Partner marketing

By providing custom market testing and demand generation services, alongside with the support of partner sales activities, the local insurance institutions and market influencers in the APAC region were efficiently targeted and promising opportunities generated.

Offering global services, expertise in the insurance industry and local resources; S2M was the right agency to bring on board for this project.

Business acceleration support

After aligning with our client on goals, go-to-market strategies and challenges, S2M analyzed each market by identifying the Total Addressable Market as well as local Partners and influencers such as actuarial firms, integration and consulting firms. Through in-depth insights and analysis, S2M designed a flexible and adaptable Lead Generation program, which not only included awareness generation through a big reach, but a Key Account assessment for the client’s top priority accounts.

Through the implementation of a full support strategy – integrating all aspects from Demand Generation and Partner selection to ABM-focused activities and in-depth market research, the Sales Opportunities generated led to outstanding results and conversion rate while allowing the market player to better understand their market fit and optimize their overall strategy.

Effective, short and long-term results

  • In just 90 days of campaigning, over 200 Key Decision Makers within selected insurance companies were personally reached; generating a massive brand awareness in the new markets targeted.
  • Impressive conversion rate of 24% from accounts to highly qualified meetings organized was achieved.
  • 65% were converted by the client in concrete sales opportunities (including RFP/RFIs). A long-term sales pipeline forecasting was made possible based on integrated campaign activities and predictive modelling.

Based on the ROI attained and flexibility in operations portrayed by S2M, our client was more than happy to extend the partnership to additional countries to reproduce the success case. After conducting a successful 3-month pilot program for 2 different markets, S2M became a part of the market leader’s strategic regional partnership covering 5 different Asian markets.


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Confirmed sales opportunities

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