Portfolio Management System vendor

Expand sales impact and
create revenue growth
in key accounts

S2M Offering
Lead Generation + ABM + Partner Marketing


New logos + partnership agreement


Domestic market revenue growth

International expansion with the signing of new customers

A Deloitte Fast 500 award winner, doubled annual domestic market revenue and pioneered in emerging market expansion by signing a deal with a Top 10 Ukrainian investment bank and founding a strategic channel partner.

Having a small customer base in a highly saturated local market this software vendor desired to rapidly grow in emerging Russian & CIS markets, where the buy side sectors buying capabilities were promising. However, the lack of knowledge about those emerging markets features, the current situation and even potential targets seemed like a major constraint.

We helped to strengthen their customer base and increased market share in the UK, Russia and Ukraine

Lead generation + ABM

Empowered by S2M this UK-based Portfolio Management System vendor took the challenge to evangelize and conquer the emerging markets, resulting in 3 deals closed and a strategic partnership agreement signed within the rest year of the project.

Parallel to this, the vendor strengthened their customer base and increased market share in the UK; this brought 6 more won contracts and 34 sales qualified opportunities.

Key results and value delivered

  • The customer was able to strengthen his position on the domestic market thanks to the strategy adjustment proposed by S2M; this resulted in 6 renewable contacts signed in 9 months. Their revenue more than doubled in comparison to the previous year and their market share is still continuing to grow through 70 high-quality leads at the top of the funnel half of which were qualified by the vendor as the most likely to close sales opportunities
  • The customer achieved impressive results within 11 months through emerging market campaigns with 2 deals signed in Russia and 1 in Ukraine within a Top 10 investment bank.
  • S2M organized a series of meetings with potential local strategic partners (for channel sales, implementation, maintenance and local support services), leading to a 5 years distribution agreement with a local player.
  • Today the vendors’ solutions are widely sold through channel across all the CIS states generating 25% of their annual revenue globally.
3 and 1

3 deals & 1 partnership agreement


Qualified meetings organized


Lead to opportunity conversion rate

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