Sales & Marketing

Reach out to targets, educate them, gauge their interest and convert them into paying customers

Market Insights
& Data

Map out your target markets to understand their patterns and build truly unbeatable campaigns

& Investment

Provide actionable insight that drives business performance thanks to your product-market fit

Are you a challenged IT company
looking for a market insights and leads dealer?

We understand that the risk involved in working with a new supplier like us bares with it an emotional and a rational component thus we are eager to perform a proof of concept in order, for you, to seize the quality of our Data-Driven Insights and Leads.

To get new customers, you need new qualified opportunities (SQL)
but to get new qualified opportunities, you firstly need to get new qualified prospects (MQL)

Our Science of Revenue is based on this motto. So by defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), we can equip your sales and marketing teams with highly qualified data & leads to improve your lead flow and close more deals than before.

Recipe for success


As a first step of our data-driven bottom-up approach, we scour the world’s data to map out all potential target segments in order to find the best product-market fit.

Thus we start designing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and monitor the related data-driven insights to select the most promising target markets.


Stress testing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) will help your teams to identify 100% of your targets, apply an account based strategy. Fully evangelize your target

by engaging with all Key Decision Makers (team buyers, power users & internal influencers) to improve your brand awareness and do not miss an RFI/RFP.


By only targeting qualified target & audience (KDM) along with pre-agreed agenda & topics, software vendors know that 100% of their new meetings (MQL)

will be Qualified Meetings and may lead to a Qualified Opportunity (SQL). The added benefit for your team, is to shorten the sales cycle and improve your sales velocity.









Our Science of Revenue is based on our patented bottom-up methodology from “market insights-to-client”. It helps you scaling and driving sales growth,

by aligning your sales and marketing teams with weekly predictable lead (MQL) generated by your marketing team and accepted by your sales team at least in 50%* of cases.*

Ratio we get with 150 clients in EMEA, US, LATAM or APAC since 2009