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January 18, 2021 |

Apply lead generation campaigns to align with your customers’ needs. Tailor value propositions to pique & gauge the interest of all stakeholders at all levels.

Providing an account-oriented strategy allows us to support you on two main go-to-market strategies:

  • Choosing new accounts and/or new markets where we can identify indicators of success and untapped value
  • Choosing the best approaches to scale onto your current accounts and/or markets by leveraging your Product/Market Fit.

Whether you want to scale or expand, our services are designed to support your account-based and/or market based strategies:

  • Smart Account Plan
  • Target Market Analytics

Once the heavy lifting is done, the objective is to gauge the interest of selected targets (within an account and/or market) by assessing and matching their needs with your resources (Value Propositions).

In doing so, we are ale to generate highly qualified leads or accounts leading to sales opportunities in more than 50% of the cases. A more predictable stream of opportunities and leads will help to refine your pipeline process, making deals smoother, and more profitable. In turn, this provides more business cases that will enrich your Product/Market Fit framework, thus increasing the consistency and effectiveness of the campaigns.

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