Benchmark Your Market Awareness & Perception

The process begins with understanding your target market’s case studies: by enriching your understanding of your Product/Market Fit to list and qualify all potential targets fitting with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) at a market or account level (Account Based Marketing) you will be able to close more customers faster.

Our work starts by helping you translate your business objectives into measurable Marketing & Sales actions based on a value-based selling approach.

In order to do so, we based ourselves on the most vibrant proofs of a Product/Market Fit and Value Propositions match within your market: your business cases and sales pipeline. In addition, we complete the picture with your competitors’ case studies, allowing us to broaden the picture and our data set.

Once the data has been dissected we are able to extract a number of very useful pieces of information:

  • Value Propositions (VPs)
  • Clients’ needs
  • Solutions benefits
  • Output
  • Key Decision Makers (KDM)
  • Firmographics

The above step is all about digesting the business cases and sales pipeline to develop a value-based relational model, which allows us to score different elements (VPs, needs, KDMs, firmographics, …) based on their recurrence and concordance rates.

This exercise is crucial to move forward, as it will act as the cornerstone to quantify, simulate and analyse market-related variables such as: the market size, the impact of a solution withdrawal or addition, the effect of a regulatory change or a M&A, a competitive change impact or which messaging and positioning is determined as the most effective.

Much more than a service with an ROI; it’s a transformational methodology that fundamentally changes how business discourse is conducted and decisions are made.

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