Demonstrate the Business Case & Ensure Value Alignment

The value-based qualification process aims to identify the gap between your Value Propositions and your targets’ pains. In other words, if their existing or future goals, plans and related challenges look like the ones you or your competitors faced and solved efficiently with existing clients, either they’re a good fit and you can move forward with the relationship, or it’s time to part ways.

Unlike IBM’s old BANT approach which qualified targets by their Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline, our qualification process applies value-selling principals to add value to the target’s decision-making process. It does this by gauging and validating first whether their pains could match and benefit from your products/services’ value propositions.

Once we have determined whether your products/services can help your target to achieve their goals, implement their plan or overcome their challenges, we can start assessing their decision process and where the funding would come from.

Such a qualification process is designed to allow organizations to generate or increase their revenue on a specific market or account, by enabling the exploitation of their product/market fit.  This facilitates new business development, cross-sell and up-sell activities, whilst providing a decision-making and team alignment tool.